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“The Legend” continues.

Harry Sullins is known as "The Legend" in the bowling community.

Harry Sullins is known as “The Legend” in the bowling community.

Since he joined the PBA in 1982, Harry ‘The Legend’ Sullins of Chesterfield Township, Michigan has been a mainstay on the tour. A five-time champion of the PBA Tour and twelve-time PBA Regional champion, “Legend” has secured his spot on the Mt. Rushmore of the Bowling Nation. It’s for this reason that he’s already been inducted into the Michigan State, Michigan Majors and Detroit Bowling Halls of Fame. Some might have thought, even hoped, that such success would be enough to usher Sullins away from competition and into retirement. Others thought that it wasn’t just the success, but the wear and tear from competing in four-hundred and three tour events that would convince Sullins to hang up his shoes.

His opponents have been sorely disappointed to learn otherwise.

While he is no longer on the PBA Tour, Sullins has been reaching new heights on the PBA50 Tour, as well as PBA and PBA50 Regional tournaments. As of this post’s date, Sullins has won three PBA50 Tour titles as well as the GEICO PBA World Series of Bowling VI in Las Vegas. However, legends don’t merely wish to win competitions—they want to leave a legacy.

With his win 218-188 over Tim Kauble in Kankakee, Illinois, Sullins notched his sixth PBA50 Regional title out of fourteen PBA50  tournaments entered this year. The victory gives him a whopping seventeen PBA50 Regional titles in his career; however, “The Legend” is determined to reach twenty titles before anyone else in the league. It’s as if becoming eligible for the PBA50 Tour has rejuvenated Sullins, as he’s driven himself over 35,000 miles to participate in twenty-seven

“The Legend” gained his title long ago, before he began dominating the PBA50 Tour. He earned the nickname during a four-year stretch when he missed zero of over two hundred PBA  events, placing second in all of them. In addition to picking up a lifelong nickname, Sullins also set the record for most consecutive tournament appearances, deliberately stopping at 239.

Only time will tell how far Harry Sullins will take his career. For now, fans of bowling around the world will enjoy watching and cheering for a living, breathing Legend.