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Imagine this situation, it is Friday night, your calendar is empty, and you and your friends are playing the fun guessing game of what are we doing tonight. Sounds familiar? I know I’ve personally had a few weekends like that. How many times have you found yourself on a weekend slump of finding nothing to do? How many times have you just stayed at home on a Friday night because it was too expensive to go to the bars? Don’t worry, there is a solution. That solution is bowling.

Now many of you may have serious doubts of an activity that used to be the highlight of your middle school years. But hear me out. A night bowling with the friends can actually be something you could use in a long time. 

So why bowling? What is so special about it?

Let’s begin with the simple fact that the night will be fun! While you may have some concerns, bowling, in itself, is a social activity. It begins immediately when you are receiving your shoes. The glamouring lights, upbeat pop music, and sparkling wooden lanes makes you reminisce about your 7th grade summers and the great memories that came from place like this. Instantaneously, you revert back to a former adolescent self in which you give you and your friends silly and comical nicknames on the board. Eventually the night continues with unsuccessful crazy trick throws, unstoppable laughs, and well-built memories.

Now the next question, why would people want to bowl?

No matter what you do, people will always have their opinions and critiques on any given situation. So why would bowling be different? Why would it the the must-thing-to-do for the night? Well it is simple, bowling doesn’t take any skill. Let me take a step back. Of course there is some skill involved, but in reality, anyone can do it. That is what makes this activity so great! Unlike other sports and activities which require a large amount of training and practice, bowl provides the options for those who are completely new to the game to experience, learn, and enjoy. And if we have to go to any extremes, the ally should be able to accommodate for those individuals (specifically those younger than 8) with lane bumpers so that they can get use to throwing the ball in a straight line. 

Another reason why people love bowling is that it simply gets people out of their chairs and on to their feet. Unlike a movie, bowling forces you to be physically active. Plus, what better way to talk off your nachos and drinks than with a strike!

The last and final reason why people are interested in bowling is that it is a cheap activity. Happy hours, clubs, or other night outings can be somewhat costly. For bowling, the price, depending on the party, can range from $5.00 to $15.00 a person. Add on additional cost such as food and drinks and, in reality, you are only looking at $20, $30 dollars worth of fun. Unless you are going to a movie, you won’t find a cheaper option. 

So if you are still stuck in the blackhole of back-and-forth texting of what you are planning on doing tonight, go on Google and find the nearest bowling alley! Who knows, maybe you might just join a league.