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James Rawlson

Guide to Bowling

A Guide To Bowling

James fell in love with bowling in his early years in North Carolina. He would frequent his local bowling alley almost daily to work on his game. His father was a big influence on his passion. His father was one of the finest bowlers in his local bowling alley and helped shape him into the bowler that he is today.

At first James Rawlson was a straight ball bowler. After learning some lessons from his father, James then decided to take his father’s advice and begin to throw a curveball. His father explained that there is a much higher chance of getting consistent strikes with a curved ball approach. He explained that there is a much better angle at the “sweet spot” between the one pin and the three pin which leads to a lot more strikes.

He continued his passion into high school where he tried out for the Varsity team in his freshman year. And with his fathers help and guidance in throwing the curveball, he made the team and led them to several championships throughout his 4 years in high school.

Even after relocating to Washington D.C. to attend law school he continued to pursue his passion. He played on several local league teams where he also excelled. He found several friends in law school who shared his passion and still keeps up with them to this day.

Currently in San Francisco, James Rawlson has found a new alley to frequent. He found some buddy’s through bowling on his own and is currently part of a league where he continues to knock down pins.

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Professional Overview

James Rawlson is a real estate attorney based in California who has over 20 years of professional experience.


When James isn’t working hard on his client’s cases, he dedicated his time to Habitat for Humanity.

Car Blog

One of James Rawlson’s interests and passions is the auto industry and its advancement through the decades.